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Don Pezzuto Lighting is in Sacramento CA to provide Sacramento Lighting, Sacramento Electrical and if it's a electrician Sacramento needs,
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A great place for all your electrical service needs. We provide light bulbs, ballasts, diffusers, and other lighting supplies.

Sacramento Electrical Services
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Lamp & Ballast Manufacturers

Here is a list and links of some lamp & ballast manufacturers we use to help assist you in finding what you need. If you need help, give us a call 916-689-7676, and we can assist you in your search.

1 : Westinghouse: Westinghouse lighting is a family-owned business that was started in 1946. Westinghouse Lighting carries a full line of residential fixtures, light bulbs, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and lighting accessories with such a well-known and trusted brand.

2: Halco Lighting - Halco Lighting manufactures a complete line of lamp types designed for residential, industrial/commercial, and special lighting applications.

3: Howard Industries Howard Lighting Products manufactures a complete line of lamp and ballast products including HID and fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent and halogen lamps, electronic and magnetic fluorescent ballasts and HID. They also offer a wide variety of light fixtures.

4: Satco Lighting - Satco offers a full line of decorative, general service, fluorescent and energy saving light bulbs. Other programs include fixtures, track light, light hardware & glassware; plus many other specialty products.

5: Sunpark Electronics Manufactures Electronic Ballasts, HID Electronic Ballasts, Low Temperature Ballasts, and LED Power Supplies for commercial, and residential applications.

6: Technical Consumer Products (TCP) - has a 20 year history of providing energy efficient lighting. TCP has a large selection of commercial and residential fixtures, compact fluorescent and LED lamps, luminaires, and exit/emergency products.

7: Sola: Sola is a well-established 46-year-old manufacturer of magnetic/electronic ballasts, transformers, backup systems and power conditioners. Sola currently produces a complete range of electronic fluorescent, magnetic fluorescent, compact fluorescent, HID F-can, plastic sign ballasts and magnetic HID ballasts kits for the U.S. market.

8 : Maxlite: MaxLite's products exceed the highest standards in lighting design, service, support and technology. Most MaxLite LED products are qualified by ENERGY STAR\AE, DesignLights Consortium\AE and the U.S. Department of Energy's Lighting Facts program. MaxLite also offers a large selection of commercial and residential fixtures and lamps and luminaires that meet California Title 24 requirements.