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Don Pezzuto Lighting is in Sacramento CA to provide Sacramento Lighting, Sacramento Electrical and if it's a electrician Sacramento needs,
call 1 (916) 689-7676.

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A great place for all your electrical service needs. We provide light bulbs, ballasts, diffusers, and other lighting supplies.

Sacramento Electrical Services
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We provide light bulbs, ballasts, diffusers, and other lighting supplies.


Parking Lot Maintenance

The customer’s shopping experience begins in the parking lot. If the parking lot is not safe and secure, especially at night, consumers will not stop, park or shop. Maintaining and repairing parking lot lights can present a challenge for many businesses. Don Pezzuto Lighting has the experience, staff and equipment to take care of that problem for you. We own and operate our own Boom Trucks to service your parking lot poles, business signs, and building lights. We are available on an on call basis and/or monthly. CALL US (916) 455-7676

Electrical Service

Don Pezzuto Lighting is a licensed C-10 Electrical Contractor. Our electricians are highly trained and certified to troubleshoot and repair electrical systems. Some services include replacing old electrical panels, installing sub panels, tracing Circuits, Installing Circuits to service new equipment, Install or Repair Switches, Dimmers, and Receptacles in your business or home, preparing panel schedules, and Video Installation. CALL US (916) 455-7676

Sign Maintenance & Installation

A well lit sign is crucial to a store’s success. It advertises your business 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Don’t let your business go dark. We Install, service, and maintain both neon, and fluorescent signs.
CALL US (916) 455-7676

On-Site Lighting Services

We are available to inspect and maintain your Interior lighting on a monthly basis as well as on call basis for service repairs. Our lighting technicians will do a full inspection of the facility, then service or repair as necessary. We will assist you in replacing lamps and ballasts as necessary or with group relamping programs. We can also assist you with Lighting Plastics, Lenses, and Diffusers. This offers a great solution to your office lighting, retail merchandising, manufacturing and warehouse lighting, and residential. CALL US (916) 455-7676

Light Bulbs & Lighting Supplies

Need light bulbs, or lighting supplies? Call Don Pezzuto Lighting! We sell any and all light bulbs, ballasts, and other lighting supplies. We have most products in stock, but some may need to be ordered. CALL US (916) 455-7676

Energy Efficient Lighting

Don Pezzuto Lighting can help you become more energy efficient while saving you money at the same time. New technology allows you to drastically reduce your energy costs and improve visibility by swapping out old lamps with new energy efficient lamps and ballasts, installing motion sensors, and photo cells. Ask us about SMUD & PG&E Rebate programs also and see how much you could save today. CALL US (916) 455-7676

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is critical to a business and required by law. We can help you meet these standards by installing, servicing, or replacing exit signs, emergency lights, batteries, and low voltage lamps. CALL US (916) 455-7676


Some of our residential services include lighting upgrades, new additions, panel replacements, security lighting, and installing whole house fans. CALL US (916) 455-7676


A Retrofit will improve the lighting in your facility, reduce your energy costs and reduce your lighting maintenance. Not only that, but SMUD & PG&E offer a Rebate Program and will pay you to make the switch to new energy efficient lights. We will provide you with a free on-site consultation and evaluation. We will also provide you with a free estimate along with an estimate of your annual savings. CALL US (916) 455-7676

Lamp Disposal

Federal and State Law now require that all fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor, and metal halide lamps be disposed of as hazardous waste, meaning they can no longer be discharged into the trash. Bring your lamps to us and we will properly dispose of them for you.
CALL US (916) 455-7676

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