Lighting Consulting Services

Throughout the years, our unwavering commitment has revolved around assisting customers in crafting personalized solutions to a variety of lighting challenges in the Greater Sacramento Area. From managing excessive or insufficient light to resolving computer glare and safety concerns, Don Pezzuto Lighting is your dedicated partner.

When you choose Don Pezzuto Lighting for your lighting needs, rest assured that our expert consulting service comes at no additional cost. In the Greater Sacramento Area, subpar lighting goes beyond mere inconvenience; it can lead to accidents and hinder productivity. At Don Pezzuto Lighting, we are resolute in our commitment to helping you rectify these issues, cultivating an environment that not only meets but exceeds safety and efficiency expectations.

For comprehensive information about our Lighting Consulting Service in the Greater Sacramento Area, reach out to Donato Pezzuto at 916-689-7676 or via email at

 Let us illuminate your space and adeptly address your lighting challenges, ensuring a brighter and more efficient environment tailored to your specific needs.