We couldn’t ask for better service then we received from your company. In the years you have been taking care of our store, your quick response, understanding of the problem, and professionalism comes to mind. You and your technicians are to be commended on the consistent professionalism displayed every time you’re here on a service call.

Ruben Llamas - BIG LOTS

I just wanted to drop a quick letter to say what a pleasure it was to work with you and your crew over the last few days, while they performed the re-wiring work at D-M Information Systems, Inc. First off, there was a great deal of attention to planning and detail before anyone walked through the doors to start working. Secondly, when people said they were going to be here- they were here! Lastly and most importantly everyone was polite, pleasant and dedicated to the task at hand. Last but not least was how careful everyone was around the equipment and how ready to jump in and help move things around when necessary- a bonus for sure. I’ll finish up with saying that I am confident that any necessary follow-up will be attended to promptly- a great relief for any busy manager! Thanks again to all for a job well done.

Adrienne Fortini - DM Information Systems, Inc

As you can probably guess, proper lighting in our dental office is extremely important. When we have a lighting issue it is vital that we get it resolved in a timely manner. Your dependable and reliable service to our office does not go unnoticed. We can always count on you and your staff to do what you say you will do, in the time that you say you will do it. Your staff is professional and well trained. You solve all of our lighting problems and issues with no ifs, ands, or buts! We have come to trust your judgment and recommendations based on your obvious lighting expertise. Thank you and your staff for years of quality service.

Richard A. Mandelaris D.M.D.

Just a quick follow up to let you know how pleased we are with the retrofit upgrade that you suggested. The SMUD rebate program offered an attractive savings package which was a real incentive to complete this job. We have been able to compare our SMUD usage from previous billings, and the savings are obvious.

Diane Barnes - Excel Garden Products

After working with Don Pezzuto for a couple of mass ballast changes, he went to work on our behalf to get us a good deal on changing out all the junk ballasts we had in our lighting fixtures from a previous retrofit and replaced them with good quality Sylvania units. Our lighting problems disappeared from that date forward. We have continued to do business with Don Pezzuto Lighting for additions to out lighting needs, changes where we have updated our warehouse operation, as well as ongoing general maintenance of our lighting systems. They have also handled all our electrical needs that come up from time to time. They are always aware of our company’s needs and when necessary have provided us with almost instant emergency services when those occasions have come up. I would highly recommend Don Pezzuto Lighting to any person of business with lighting and electrical needs. The quality of their service along with their commitment to serve their customer makes them a great business partner to have. Plus doing business with a truly nice individual like Don makes it even that much more rewarding.

Rick Proschold - Levin’s Auto Supply

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Jason, one of your experts in the field. Jason fixed a nagging problem we have had for quite some time in one of our freezer display cases. His patience and determination helped resolve this ongoing annoyance. I appreciate the service you have given us in replacing and repairing the lights in our freezes and cold cases over the years. You and your crew are dependable, shop up when you say you will, and get the job done. You personally return my phone calls! It is not every business that takes on such personal attention to their clients and customers. Thank you… and special thanks to Jason.

Carole Kassis - Wholesale Cash & Carry Foods

Thanks for the great service over the years. Your recommendation to do the lighting retrofit years ago has really worked out well. We not only have saved on our SMUD bill all these years, we went over four years with hardly changing a light bulb. The inner warehouse is really lit up now. Being able to see the most minute details with all our special products was very, very important to us.

Connie L Thompson - River City Aquatics

The light bulbs on the outside of my building kept burning out, which meant I had to continually replace them over and over again. You stopped by and you ended up replacing these bulbs. To the best of my recollection, I think these bulbs lasted a good 10 years before finally burning out. Since then, I don’t even consider trying to figure out what type of light bulbs to buy and install in my building. I simply place a call to you and you take care of any lighting needs we have in no time at all. Stepping back and letting you be the professional has saved me valuable time and money because of the quality of bulbs installed and the impressive length of time in which they lasted. It’s always an easy and pleasant process doing business with you, Don.

Gary Simmen - Simmen Wholesale Lumber

It would be fair to say that you came to our rescue when the lighting company we had been working with went out of business. The lighting in our office was a mess. Lights and ballasts were constantly burning out, which required interruption to our office and time spent making phone calls to get the problems corrected. As you know, lighting in our business is very crucial. When we first hired you it was explained to us that replacements of a higher quality of light would resolve a lot of our problems. You were right. Service to our office is less frequent since hiring your company. Additionally, you introduced full-spectrum lighting in certain areas of the facility, which helps tremendously with our dental color matching. Now that we have the full-spectrum lighting for this process, we wouldn’t go without it.
Your business continues to possess the “rare” qualities of integrity, honesty, professionalism and timely customer service. We know we can count you and your staff to be consistent with these traits. Thank you for all the positive changes you have brought to the office. We look forward to your next visit.

Lisa Benson - Orchard Dental Group

Over the past five years whenever we have called for service, your staff is at our doorstep within a day or two to take care of our lighting needs. We really appreciate the “same day” service you and your staff provide when we require emergency service. We receive great comments from my tenants about your polite and professional staff. They appreciate that your team of experts are quick and efficient, resulting in very little disruption to their employees. I must admit that the best thing we did was to take your recommendation and do a lighting retrofit. We are saving over $600 per month on our SMUD bill and this has greatly reduced the need to have service performed on our lighting. Once again, thanks for professional service.

Dick Kehrig - Bayhill Development
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