Rebates And 0% Financing

SMUD and Roseville Electric provide rebates for both indoor and outdoor LED Lighting Upgrades. We will take care of paperwork for the rebates.

PG&E has a program they call On Bill Financing. They provide 0% financing; the savings are what your payment will be and the bill for the financing is on your monthly bill. If you do a lighting upgrade, you do not have to come up with funds to pay for it and your monthly bill will not go up, as the payment is the same as your savings. Effectively the lighting Upgrade is FREE!

Over the years we have built strong relationships with the local utilities. We have done projects with SMUD, PG&E, Roseville Electric, and Gault Electric as well as some of the smaller utility districts here in Northern California. This helps us get you the most out of the rebates and financing programs available.

Please call Don Pezzuto for more information . 916-689-7676 or email us at